Maid Brigade – The Franchise Cleaning Services Brand That Shines

Start looking around at other franchise cleaning services and you’ll notice: they all say (and do) pretty much the same thing. So there’s no clear cut way to make a choice between them.

But not Maid Brigade. We are the only brand in the franchise cleaning services industry that has developed a distinct and meaningful unique selling proposition. That’s because Maid Brigade conducts market research regularly to understand what consumers really want and hones our concept to meet that demand.

Green Clean Certified(R)

For example, did you know that 70% of consumers will boycott or avoid doing business with companies that don’t do their part to protect the environment? The good news is, Maid Brigade introduced our exclusive Green Clean Certified(R) system in response to a growing body of research that points to negative health and environmental impacts of traditional cleaning products, equipment and methods.

What Our Franchisees Say

For all these reasons, our franchisee validations are consistently strong. Here are some comments from recent start-ups:

Maid Brigade is certainly not the biggest of all franchise cleaning services – but we think that’s a big advantage when it comes to the support we provide and the relationships we build with our franchisees.

Our People Shine

Did you know that 80% of consumers will boycott or avoid businesses that don’t offer a livable wage and a safe working environment? More good news. Maid Brigade knows the success we have built would not be possible without our stellar employees. That is why we hold them up as the reason we are different. Our people shine. And we’ve put systems in place to aide franchisees in employee orientation and development so that we can attract and develop the best talent in any market we serve.

30+ Years Strong

A brand’s stability translates to industry experience. Maid Brigade has been in the franchise cleaning services business since 1985. We have developed the science and systems to maintain a unique competitive position as the Cleaning for Health expertise.

World Class Support

We’ve also honed our skills at business coaching and mentoring over the last 30 years for franchise cleaning services. And the continuity of our Home Office support team is bar none. The Home Office team has a collective longevity of 179 years with Maid Brigade, and 14.9 years on average.

Maid Brigade Team

The business support we provide our franchise cleaning services owners in marketing, operations and personnel includes:

  • two full weeks of executive and field training before opening each new franchise using classroom, practicum and teleseminar formats
  • regional meetings throughout the US
  • annual convention
  • mentoring system pairing each Maid Brigade start-up with a currently successful peer who has been in our system at least 10 years
  • Franchise Advocacy and Ad Councils, comprised of franchisees elected by their peers, advise the home office team about opportunities, concerns, ideas and requests coming from our franchise owners
  • proprietary software designed by our franchisees streamlines and manages all functions related to our industry and provides advanced reporting capabilities
  • a state of the art intranet offers business analytics and comparative reporting, training materials, marketing library, interactive tools for real-time collaboration and other resources
  • consumer website gets over 90,000 consumer hits per month through sophisticated search engine optimization and marketing, immediately funneling leads to each location
  • National Sales Center provides professional, dedicated sales support handling all leads or overflow leads, so our franchisees can focus on employee development and customer satisfaction