Why house cleaning? When entrepreneurs hear the word "franchise" they usually think of big storefront brands, like McDonalds, Marriott and Jiffy Lube. Most aren't thinking about opening a cleaning business.

But the fact is that service businesses can be quite lucrative, particularly those that are built on a lasting relationship created through recurring service. And this is precisely why opening a cleaning business is an idea that deserves a closer look.


Consumer dependence on outside cleaning help creates a healthy and growing demand for house cleaning services and by opening a cleaning business you'll be well-positioned to meet that demand - a demand that fuels Maid Brigade franchisees' growth and profitability year after year. In fact in 2023, our top third of franchisees all had median sales of more than $1.125 million in sales!

But there's another, unexpected, reward to opening a cleaning business, just as rich as the financial opportunity a Maid Brigade provides: emotional dividends.

Housework holds people back from pursuing their careers, parenting tomorrow's leaders, giving back in the local community, taking up a hobby, going back to school, and even just taking care of themselves. About 85% of our annual sales are from repeat customers who have Maid Brigade come clean on a set schedule, usually with weekly or bi-weekly service.

Opening a cleaning business is a great idea for people just like you, who want to make an immediate, positive difference in someone else's life - to help them excel in their goals and dreams.

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