Why Maid Brigade?


Start looking around at other franchise cleaning services and you'll notice: they all say (and do) pretty much the same thing. So there's no clear cut way to make a choice between them.

But not Maid Brigade. We are the only brand in the franchise cleaning services industry that has developed a distinct and meaningful unique selling proposition. That's because Maid Brigade conducts market research regularly to understand what consumers really want and hones our concept to meet that demand.


PUREcleaning is the healthiest, most advanced and complete home cleaning and disinfection system on the market. Exclusive to Maid Brigade, PUREcleaning starts with a multi-point cleaning process to remove dirt and debris, and follows it with a powerful, non-toxic, EPA-registered disinfectant to remove harmful contaminants applied with an electrostatic sprayer to ensure 360 coverage on high-touch surfaces. With no harsh residues, dyes, or odors, it is safe for people, pets, and the environment.


Maid Brigade is certainly not the biggest of all franchise cleaning services- but we think that's a big advantage when it comes to the support we provide and the relationships we build with our franchisees. For all these reasons, our franchisee validations are consistently strong. Here are some comments from recent start-ups:

"We looked at a lot of other brands - my husband used to sell franchises - and one of the things that set Maid Brigade apart was the longevity of the corporate staff. Other brands have a revolving door."

"Because our business mentors are also Maid Brigade franchisees, we have total faith in the advice we get."


Did you know that 80% of consumers will boycott or avoid businesses that don't offer a livable wage and a safe working environment? More good news. Maid Brigade knows the success we have built would not be possible without our stellar employees. That is why we hold them up as the reason we are different. Our people shine. And we've put systems in place to aide franchisees in employee orientation and development so that we can attract and develop the best talent in any market we serve.


A brand's stability translates to industry experience. Maid Brigade has been in the franchise cleaning services business since 1985. We have developed the science and systems to maintain a unique competitive position as the Cleaning for Health expertise.


We've also honed our skills at business coaching and mentoring over the last 35 years for franchise cleaning services. And the continuity of our Home Office support team is bar none. The Home Office team has a collective longevity of over 180 years with Maid Brigade, and 15 years on average.

The business support we provide our franchise cleaning services owners in marketing, operations and personnel includes:

  • graduated blast-off process that spans several weeks to ensure that you are trained and prepared to run your new Maid Brigade franchise
  • four day on-site start-up support with franchise veterans to give you the confidence needed when your doors open
  • regional meetings throughout the US
  • annual convention
  • mentoring system pairing each Maid Brigade start-up with a currently successful peer who has been in our system at least 10 years
  • Franchise Advocacy and Ad Councils, comprised of franchisees elected by their peers, advise the home office team about opportunities, concerns, ideas and requests coming from our franchise owners
  • proprietary software designed by our franchisees streamlines and manages all functions related to our industry and provides advanced reporting capabilities
  • a state of the art intranet offers business analytics and comparative reporting, training materials, marketing library, interactive tools for real-time collaboration and other resources
  • consumer website gets over 90,000 consumer hits per month through sophisticated search engine optimization and marketing, immediately funneling leads to each location
  • National Sales Center provides professional, dedicated sales support handling all leads or overflow leads, so our franchisees can focus on employee development and customer satisfaction

Meet Our Team

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I’m Bart Puett, the CEO of Maid Brigade. I’ve held this position since 2005 and prior to this position, I served as Chief Operating Office and Vice President. I’ve started and ran five businesses throughout my professional life and I am involved with the International Franchise Association and the Southeastern Franchise Forum. I believe Maid Brigade is a successful franchise opportunity because of the level of support the company provides to owners as well as Maid Brigade’s solid, replicable system. I graduated with honors from the University of Georgia with a degree in business and finance. My wife, Lynn, and I have two daughters and are active members of Dunwoody Methodist Church.
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I’m Mary Ashlynn Dennis and yes, I have a southern, double first name. I am the Marketing Manager at Maid Brigade since January of 2018. I work and manage many areas of marketing including email campaigns and graphic design, with a focus on social media. I work closely with franchisees to guarantee their marketing needs are met. I’ve enjoyed every day working at Maid Brigade and look forward to many more!


I’m Stacey Cash and I’m the friendly face that greets you at the front desk. I’ve been with Maid Brigade for about four years. I help arrange and coordinate office meetings and provide Home Office and franchisee support wherever needed.
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I’m Paul Hay and I work with Operations, Support and our National Resource Center. I also manage Maid Brigade’s home office to make sure our team has what they need to support our franchisees in the best way possible. I’ve been with Maid Brigade since 2004 and enjoy the different challenges that each day brings.
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I’m Nancy Howe, I am the Digital Marketing Manager at Maid Brigade. I joined the Maid Brigade team in June 2017 and have been working with franchisees in many areas of marketing including Pay Per Click, content writing and social media. Outside of Maid Brigade, I love cooking, traveling, and cheering on Atlanta sports teams!
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I have served as our Vice-President of Franchise Recruitment since November 2012. I have specialized in recruiting franchisees both domestically and internationally for over 20 years. Within that time frame, I have introduced franchise brands in over 60 countries worldwide and over 150 North American markets.
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My career with Maid Brigade began in 1999 at the front desk. I have had the opportunity to advance within the company and have worked in the following departments: marketing, franchise recruitment, technology, and operations. During my time here I earned my MBA in Management Information Systems. The experience from working with talented and dedicated people at the Home Office, as well as many inspirational franchisees, has given me a deep appreciation of the Maid Brigade organization as a whole. In 2020, I was promoted from Senior Vice President to President, I’m honored to be a part of the Home Office, where the focus is on the success of every franchisee.
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Hello! My name is T.J. Liles, and I work on the marketing team. My focus is digital, which means I work closely with our franchisees to curate their online presence and optimize performance. My responsibilities also include leading MB Digital Services, which is an in-house agency that provides paid search services. I’ve been with Maid Brigade since 2014 and have over a decade of experience in marketing. Much of this time has been spent working with small businesses and their unique challenges.
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I’m Randi Simon, the Operations Support Coordinator and Project Manager. I’ve been part of the Maid Brigade family since 2014 and graduated with my Master’s in Business Administration. I’ll work with you from day one to ensure your business runs smoothly every step of the way, from arranging Discovery Day accommodations, to working through the startup check list leading up to your location opening and beyond.
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Hello! Greg Nicklas here! I have been working with Maid Brigade since 2002. For 16 years I worked out of the Maid Brigade of Portland office. I began with a sales position before taking on more roles, eventually transitioning into the general manager role. Starting in July 2018 I will be working full-time for support. I have always enjoyed helping other Maid Brigade offices out, whether it be the MaidSmart transition, to “shop talk” at convention, to running workshops and site visits to other franchises. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you need to vent!
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I’m Whitney Samuelson and I’ve been the Director of Marketing at Maid Brigade since 2006. I am dedicated to supporting our franchisees acquire and retain customers. I oversee the marketing department as well as the Ad Council and national marketing budget. I am an experienced marketing professional skilled in marketing strategy, digital marketing, media planning and social media and am committed to helping you find “customers for life”.
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I am Michael Vinson and I have been with Maid Brigade since October 2008. After spending ten years as the Director of Technology, I grew into an operational and support role that afforded me the opportunity to work more closely with our franchisees as well as with our outstanding franchise support team. While I still maintain a presence in the technology and operations areas, my primary roll now is as Vice President of Company Owned Locations. Serving in this capacity has been most rewarding as it allows me, and home office, to relate and collaborate with and support even better our wonderful franchisees. I am very proud to work with such a dedicated group of professionals and I look forward to doing so for many years to come.

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