Maid Brigade Cleaning Franchise has been ranked a Top 100 Franchise by Entrepreneur. Top 50 Franchise for minorities and vets by USA TODAY and a Top 25 Franchise for Hispanics by the World Franchising Network.

We are the only professional cleaning service (franchise or not) to have the PUREcleaning® system.

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A brand's stability and longevity translates to industry experience. Maid Brigade is a cleaning franchise that has been in business since 1985. We now service almost 400 franchise territories across the United States and Canada.

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Maid Brigade is the only cleaning service that offers PUREcleaning® maid service. Maid Brigade offers PUREcleaning to protect our customers and employees from the health risks associated with traditional house cleaning products and methods. We clean with electrolyzed water and disinfect using our electrostatic sprayers.
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Most of our customers find that having Maid Brigade maid franchise service every two weeks keeps their homes beautifully clean and healthy. But, we also offer weekly, monthly and occasional home cleaning service.
Why Choose Us?


The continuity of our Home Office support team is bar none. The Home Office team has a collective longevity of over 180 years with Maid Brigade, and 15 years on average.


Our approach to training is practical, and leverages the experience and knowledge we've gained over the years to help new franchisees to avoid mistakes and benefit from everything we have learned.


Proprietary software designed with our franchisees, streamlines and manages all functions related to our industry and provides advanced reporting capabilities.


Our 35-plus years of home cleaning franchise experience in the home cleaning sector allows us to continue to be innovators and leaders in our industry.

What Makes Maid Brigade Special?

For over three decades, Maid Brigade has helped people just like you become successful entrepreneurs, achieving the quality of life you've been seeking while making an immediate difference in the lives of those around you.

We are a flagship brand with an exceptional reputation in almost 400 house cleaning franchise territories throughout the US and Canada.

We're Growing, And You Can Be Too


Maid Brigade Cleaning Franchise has a large number of Franchisees, however, we still have a large number of attractive markets available. Don't assume your market is taken. Please contact us to learn more about the opportunity in your city.


Mentoring system pairing each Maid Brigade start-up with a currently successful peer who has been in our system at least 10 years. Franchise Advocacy and Ad Councils, comprised of franchisees elected by their peers, advise the home office team about opportunities, concerns, ideas, and requests coming from our franchise owner.


A state of the art intranet offers business analytics and comparative reporting, training materials, marketing library, interactive tools for real-time collaboration and other resources.

What we love most about Maid Brigade is the freedom and flexibility granted by corporate that empowers us to provide our market the best services possible. Corporate's ability to listen with an open mind, consider the ever changing landscape, and demand innovation, demonstrates their aptitude and willingness to explore and discover for continuous improvement, for continuous partnership.


Maid Brigade of Knoxville, Tennessee

People often ask me why I chose Maid Brigade as a business opportunity. Prior to Maid Brigade I worked as a Mechanical Engineer and had several other small businesses. I was looking for an opportunity and a system with structure that would allow me to grow a business to a larger volume than my previous businesses. Maid Brigade training, standard operating procedures and support have provided me with the tools to grow my business to a multi-million dollar level. During the early years in the business the initial training and support were critical to my success. Main Brigade provides tools that maximize franchisees profitability and operating efficiency.


Maid Brigade of Houston

The longer we've been franchisees, the more we've come to appreciate the Maid Brigade franchise system. And that's saying something, since we started in 1989. From the President to the latest hire, we find the Home Office not only eager to help, but able to help. Our fellow franchisees share insights and best practices and provide a great sense of community. Conventions and regional meetings give us face time with others who share out same challenges, hopes, and humor. Our FAC (Franchisee Advocacy Committee), PIP (Partners in Profitability), and Ad Council all contribute to a healthy national franchise and to strong local businesses. Most of the best vendors we count on have been introduced through the franchiser. In short, we've had a long, profitable relationship with Maid Brigade and see a bright future ahead as well.


Multisite Franchisee with headquarters in Alexandria, VA

I am approaching my 20 year anniversary as a franchisee. I know that the growth I have achieved would not have been possible without the support provided by Maid Brigade. Support staff, Marketing staff, on-line and in person workshops, conventions, business performance analysis and phone support, all have a direct and significant impact on my success. Maid Brigade's corporate culture is 100% focused on franchisee's ability to grow and be profitable. My decision to become a franchisee was a significant milestone and definitely the right one.


Maid Brigade of Greater Charlotte

My wife and I purchased a Maid Brigade franchise in August of 2015. We looked at other cleaning franchises but found Maid Brigade to be the best fit for us. The support we've received from the home office and other franchisees has exceeded our expectations. Whether it be marketing, operations, tech support or just general business questions, Maid Brigade has been so helpful. I like to compare it to a large family.


Maid Brigade of Pasadena

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